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The one and only, Anthony Ferlazzo

I gave it all up to make my wife happy. That's right. We've moved to Tucson, Arizona, to be with her family, particularly with her widowed mother.

Yes, I quit my job, and sold our house. The move has taken place, we're settled in. I'm employed at Well Fargo Bank where I spend my time writing and supporting data center-related applications.

Powered by an undying love for creating great software.

What this is all about

This is just a brochure site. Don't read too much into it. I am just putting it up as a way to have some on-line presence.

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The entire site is contrived, it's here as a placeholder for something better that I'm working on.

The point is, I'd rather be working on a more meaningful application, not just a personal advertisement.

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For my next trick, let my show some images. Would a website be complete without a few images? Yes. But not this one.

So without futher delay let me introduce myself. My name is Anthony Ferlazzo. I come from humble beginnings. My parents were so poor that I didn't get a middle name.

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But wait! There's more...

That's right. Although I didn't get a middle name I did get a college degree! So tick that off the list Mr. H.R. Head. But of course we all say that a degree is meaningless in terms of being able to code. I guess the biggest benefit to getting my degree is that I learned to get the job done even after the thrill was gone. I demonstrated that I could go after a goal that took a sizable effort over a considerable amount of time and not give up just because the going got tough.

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